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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Means New Love = A Summer Return of Collage

Not to quote the Beach Boys too hard. But I really feel that this summer is going to be a good one. As last year we did not even have a summer here in Los Angeles. And I was struggling with much of an artist block and was working in a place with very limited space, that really caused me to be very depressed with my work and social life.

But in January of this year. Blaine and I moved to a new loft in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, it has been quite a refreshing change and I feel much of my creative self has been restored. Knowing this it gives me great hope in making some really great work this summer. I have been producing a small amount of work over this past year. However moving away from collage and diving straight into painting again is starting to feel a little stale like a day old croissant.

Though painting it is such a great passion of mine, and my style is quite unique and makes people feel good. I just feel like a huge part of me is missing and needs from the easel and sink my teeth into a heavy collage projects. I often have plans to go out and start hunting for something to start working on. But Our schedule has not permitted me the time to go on the great treasure hunt for new stuff. So I just go back to painting.

However this summer I feel that with the change in the weather and the good space that we are in now. It's time for me to go out and do a treasure hunt for pieces to collage and move forward with my plans. It means a lot to me to have tons of cut up magazines around me with a glue gun, lacquer, cigarettes, beer, lots of French pop and 60's pop records playing in the background with the sun shining through the french doors of downstairs room of my loft and Lester Bangs wagging his tale while I am up till hours with the night creating things that make me feel full and not so empty inside.

As of today, this will be Powerpop78's summer of collage.