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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coachella Takeoff

Up early getting last minute things together and trying to work on the final packing stages. Packing is something I am quite good at and enjoy. However every year we go to Coachella I find myself in a little panic over what to bring. From clothing, jewelry, bath and body products, shoes, household items, pool toys, food, drink and office supplies.

I do feel that since we have a rental place I can do a little over packing. I am sitting here now writing this and suffering from a small panic over what clothes I have packed and whether or not I need to Weigh my options not sure if it's really worth it, but this is just how I am "The Constant Over Thinker"

Julie came over for a drink and a chat last evening, and I even sent her off with cooking chaffers, party supplies and a pinata. I am starting to wonder if I am alone in this feeling and if anyone else worries about this stuff like I do.

powerpop78's Double Take List

1. Do I need to pack more kitchen stuff (the house comes with a stocked kitchen"
2. Maybe I need more pool towels someone make not like the ones there.
3. I think we need more alcohol for the guest (keep in mind I don't drink hard alcohol)
4. If I have face scrub I need to have a toner and if I bring the toner, I have to have eye cream firming solution.
5. Batteries is one long package enough. (well I can always stop at Target)
6. What is someone forgets that. I should just have one on hand (this could mean any item I become fixated on at the time)
7. Film cameras and bags. I have this compulsion to bring them all.
8. I can't let people see me in the same swim suit daily. Is 5 really enough.

All and all with all of this over thinking I manage to forget something it just seems inevitable. I keep telling myself don't worry. However I just can't work this way. But the show must go on and there is still so much to do. I am now just going to to and relax and pack up my car before the counting of the hair ties starts. I just need to relax and this about the great bands that are playing and the friends I get to see.

In some ways I always feel like Coachella is the music business version of The Bill Chill for my generation for dear friends a colleagues. And for myself and the B it's like a great reunion for friends from far and near. I can't wait to get to the desert, crack and Red Stripe, float on a pool raft and get ready to open of my desert abode for 5 night of non stop madness with some of the most talented people I know.

Cheers! and Happy Coachella to all of you!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been working on my schedule for my traveling Coachella art project. And the master plan is now in action. Over those three days of great music, warm sunshine, beautiful people and art. I will be roaming the grounds with my camera and team looking for interesting things and people who will help create and inspire this project.

I am also willing to send people copies of the photos I take. As long as I have contact info. I may also ask you a few questions as well.


Day 1 Friday April, 15 2011
I will be taking photos of peoples feet on the move and the shoes they are wearing.

Day 2 Saturday April, 16 2011
I will be shooting random festival goers and asking you. Where you are from and what brought you to the festival.

Day 3 Sunday April 17
Random shots will be taken of people eating, drinking, dancing and doing god know what with things in their mouths.

I will be using all of these items for an upcoming art show I am working on. I am hoping to receive a warm response from people while I am taking these photos.

I look forward to seeing you all there.