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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's just too much!

It's bad enough that the music community has been overrun for the past ten years with fake hipsters and people who claim to be alt-country tree huggers. Being raised as one of these boho types I am really starting to get ill at the mass marking of the Laurel Canyon scene. I went to purchase clothing online at the Lucky Brand website. As I glanced that the new and upcoming summer wear. The swimsuit pages tells young size zero hipsters what to purchase for each music festival.

I had a good laugh but is was quite disturbing at the same time. So you need to know how to dress at Coachella, Love Fest, Redding, Pitchfork or whatever festival is in fashion and the flavor of the month. You can now log on to Lucky Brand and find out what to wear.

This now proves that there is nothing really left for the indie community. A community that many of my dearest friends have helped build over the years. It's really make me ill when I go to see bands and every fool in this city is there just to be seen because it is the thing to do. It's funny when you go to see someone like Randy Newman, Terry Allen, Butch Hancock or The Flatlanders. Where are all of these so called hipsters then. I guess they either spent too much money on a pair of 1968 used Frye boot on ebay or the trust fund transfer is just being wired a day late and a dollar short.

Glen Friedman has said it best. When you get a whore like Tony Hawk out there claiming to be vegan then doing a "Got Milk" ad and then see him a DEVO wearing leather shoes it only proves there are no real heroes in this community.

People just blow a-lot of hot air. I know many great artist who have work hard at bringing something beautiful and special to this city. Yet they are over shadowed by the loft party downtown who is just having members of the BMRC DJ for the night. Come one people if you are really part of it support it.

What are these little waifs doing to better our community. Where were they when people were fighting to smash the PMRC. They are only there to suck up the air and make the economy tighter by the ways of the internet millionaire what-to-be-cool school. I am sure Patti Smith has it out for these people too.

It's a real sad thing, that no one thinks for themselves or just is happy with the way they are.

All I can say it the Faint was right! "THE GEEK WERE RIGHT" just remember it was the nerds, geeks, queers, dorks, and outsiders that built this community that so many want to be a part of and it truly saddens me. I would like to see theses peoples the Regan years and I would dare and of them to sit down and lunch with the likes of Kinky Freedman, Leggs McNeal or Ian Mackaye.

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