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Monday, March 28, 2011

Coachella Fashion Police "We will be watching"

For over the past 12 years, I have been lucky to be part of the Coachella music festival. My husband has had several of the bands bands that he manages play there ever since the very first festival. During the first two years of the festival fashion was never the important of a thing. people came out in shorts, t-shirts, sandals and vintage frocks. Over the years the festival has reached such great heights, that fashion and celebrities became a huge influence on culture of the festival as we know it today.

The years of free and easy dress died with the electroclash movement. Now you find retailers branding swimsuits, shorts, Bags, Sandals, dresses, sun glasses and poser boho fashions as "Coachella Style" I find this quite funny, as one can go on to the Nordstroms website and purchase the Lucky Brand "Coachella Bathing Suit" And then do a search for the rest of your wardrobe for that long weekend.

In the early years, when style came into play with the festival, you saw some really great original styles, much like the ones you would see at Reading to Leads festivals in the UK. But over the years the festival has launched A few major standing styles that have really saturated the polo grounds. I referrer to some these as the YIKES factor, and the other ones are pretty great and original and practical for the desert. Here are some of my dos and don't for Coachella.

1. The Low brow "Bros & Hoes fashion.

Would you really want to bee seen with fools like this!

2. "All I wanted to do was look cool".
This really says a lot
3. The Goths, how I admire them. Staying so true to who they are in that hot weather. And looking smashing.

She looks a little hot, but I bet she is having a good time.

4. I am a Rock Star so I can get away with it. (well maybe)

Har Mar showing is festival side

5. I really wanted to stand out, but I think it was a bit much.

Honey, if you were going for Mod, you got it all wrong!

6. To have good style, you must also have some class.

Great outfit, I give her a ten.

7. I am not here for the party, I am just a music fan.

Cute and comfortable she knows how to do it right!, and you know she has jeans in that big bag she is carrying!
8. Out to Party and Get Fucked!
You know many festival goers are looking for a one night stand, well here you go!

9. Working Class Punk Looking Dashing in the Heat

LCD''s Handsome Fearless Leader James Murphy Dress to Impress.

10. Classic Punk Straight Edge Chic.

Ian MacKaye Wearing his classic DC Punk style works for him every time!

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